Project 56 Hollis Rd - To convert existing 2 bed Terraced House to 5 bed HMO with en -suites in all bedroom

Initially we would need to assess the property to ensure that existing land space within the property would facilitate a HMO that would satisfy building regulations and HMO thresholds required to meet minimum height, room and floor dimensions.

A revised floor plan was required to ensure the design layout of the property did work as a HMO, and there were enough amenity spaces. This was to ensure that we could build in a fully compliant & satisfactory Fire Risk strategy to satisfy the FSO Order 2005.

As we met the requirements above, we moved to the demo stage. This project required an entire “rip-outh of the house, and a house strip back to brick. Careful considerations and awards are required for Party Wall Acts as well as structural integrity throughout the build at this stage.

The design is based on our clients’ thoughts and wishes, but also the regulations that would allow the property to meet full compliance. We build and source materials according to the clients’ request, in line with the final exit strategy in mind. The rooms are matched to the client bank that the property will accommodate. Clients always use our local guidance as we are well versed with areas of Coventry that work well for varied HMO tenants and their potential lifestyles in mind, that would best suit the property.

Once the property had been fully developed, all 2nd fix plumbing and electricals were carried out, along with satisfactory Certifications produced to meet building & structural control Certificates. This included fire detection Certificates, emergency light test Certificates, EICR, Gas, PAT and EPC Certificates. We also produced a satisfactory Fire Risk Assessment report. We then handed this over as a turnkey HMO investment property ready to let, back to our client. As part of our “handover package”, we acquire a 5 year HMO licence on all properties on behalf of the licence holders.