FREE HMO Fundamentals

Grasp the basic understanding of what a HMO is, understand HMO law, license and regulations, learn how to distinguish the various HMO management practices involved in running a succesful HMO. Click here for free HMO fundamentals booklet

Online HMO Course

Gain extensive HMO knowledge, learn how to solidify a lawful potential HMO investment, Article 4 areas, HMO planning ramifications, unlawful permitted development rights, the 3 authorities you didn’t know about that sit on top of your HMO plus much more.
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What The HMO Guru’s Don’t Tell You

Intense 2 day classroom course, learn how to de-risk your potential HMO purchase by using desktop analysis, digital tools and HMO Matrix’s together with HMO compliance checklist.

Develop a lawful turn-Key HMO project, build/convert a 2 bedroom house into a fully compliant 5/6 bed HMO, from back to brick HMO conversions, loft dormers plus much more.
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